It’s not good to have a fight with someone as it would result to hurting each other and the worst is that you would not be friends to each other. If you have basic knowledge and background about the different martial arts or Balintawak arnis Raleigh, then that would be very nice especially if you are in a dangerous situation. Of course, you should not use this one to the people who don’t know how to defend themselves as it may be the cause of the death or serious fracture. It is always a nice thing that we could defend ourselves and make sure that you have the best idea and knowledge about doing it in case of difficult times

It is common that we can have this kind of situation in the school where kids would normally have some small fight but it is not a good thing here. You should not teach your kids about fighting another kid as it would create some unpleasant atmosphere to them and they might abuse this kind of attitude to the others. It is nice that you are trying to get away from the commotion as you don’t want to make the situation worst and unpleasant just because of the small disagreement. If you don’t have a choice, then you should know how to defend yourself when it comes to this one or you would die by the punch they are giving.  

We could give you more ideas and options in order to know the different kinds of steps that you may want to consider in order to have a fair fight 

Knowing how to defend yourself in case of trouble could be very useful now and you should know some so that you could protect yourself from the danger and trouble. If there is a chance that you were hurt by the punches of that person, then you should try your very best as well to knock down or punch him. Some people who have some knowledge to this would kick the opponent on their knees or try to punch harder on the stomach or abdomen part of the body. When doing this kind of thing, you need to make sure that you will do it faster to avoid giving them a chance to rebut or to kick you back.  

Of course, there is no rule for this one, then you could try to find the weakness of your opponent and this will give you a better chance of winning. Others would attack another person on the face so that he or she will be unconscious and you can do a lot of things to bring him or her down. If you have a background about the proper ways to fight or to defend yourself then you would know the different parts of the body that you could hit. You could ask for some help if you think that you don’t have the energy anymore to go against him or her.